What is a Commercial Property Consultant & Why You Need One

For businesses that operate within commercial premises, such as offices, warehouses, and retail outlets, it can be beneficial to source the services of an expert when purchasing, selling and renting property.

Although commercial and residential property dealings have their similarities, the commercial marketplace can be more complex. It is this reason why businesses should ideally seek out the services of a property consultant who is a qualified Chartered Surveyor.

What is a Commercial Property Consultant?

A property consultant for commercial businesses typically provides a wide array of services and advice, including searching for suitable properties, negotiation, and legal and financial knowledge on property purchases, sales, and rentals.

A commercial property consultant will not only have great knowledge and expertise in dealing with commercial properties of all types, they usually have close relationships with property agents, enabling clients to complete the sale, purchase or rental sooner.

Typical tasks that a property consultant will undertake include (but are not limited to) searching the market for suitable commercial premises, liaising with solicitors and surveyors, consultancy, and ensuring sellers gain the best price for their property.

For commercial businesses seeking a property to rent, sell, or even to invest in with the intention of resale in future, this expertise can be vital if the company is to gain the most suitable property at a fair price with limited complications.

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Why Use a Commercial Property Consultant?

Businesses who want to purchase, sell or rent their commercial property gain several advantages by using an experienced consultant. In addition to making the process more cost-efficient, it also saves time and vastly increases the chance of securing the most suitable commercial premises.

Below are some of the key benefits of using a commercial property consultant:

●   Up-to-date Market Knowledge — A consultant will have in-depth, up-to-date knowledge of the local property market. This may include knowledge of property movements, new developments, and other insider information that can help businesses to save money and move quickly. 

●   Experienced Legal & Contract Advice — Ensuring the contractual side of the purchase or rental is crucial to avoid problems further down the line. A consultant will be able to provide useful advice on contractual obligations and may even be able to liaise with legal representatives on a company’s behalf. 

●   Property Financing Knowledge — Property consultants will usually be very familiar with all aspects of financing for commercial properties. They can point businesses in the direction of approved financial advisors and lenders, or even work alongside an accredited financial advisor. 

●   Honest & Constructive Feedback — Professional consultants will impart their honest opinion on all types of commercial property matters based on many years of expertise. Businesses who want to purchase or sell a property will always benefit from detailed knowledge of the market.

●   Expertise In Property Negotiation — Negotiation is key if a business is to secure their target property at an appropriate price and in a suitable condition. A skilled property consultant will have the experience and track record to engage in constructive negotiation between agents and other stakeholders.

Whatever your Commercial Property Management needs are, be sure to contact us to find out how we can help you find the right property.

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