What Is Commercial Property Management & Why Is It So Important?

Property managers provide a vital service for owners and tenants of commercial and industrial buildings. They are involved in the acquisition, maintenance, and general oversight of premises, such as office blocks, warehouses, industrial sites, and retail outlets.

The oversight of tenants and maintenance of buildings is often too time-intensive and stressful to manage in-house. Therefore the help of a property management company is worth enlisting to ensure premises are well-maintained and preserve their value.

Commercial property management is involved with aspects of leasing management, dealing with tenants, and general maintenance, but property management can also involve other facets.

The practice saves time, ensures jobs are completed correctly, and gives owners and tenants peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their core business activities safe in the knowledge their investment is being protected over the long term.

Commercial Management

What Is Commercial Property Management?

In its most basic form, property management for commercial and industrial premises involves the oversight of buildings, communication with tenants and other stakeholders, and maintenance to ensure compliance with health and safety laws.

Property maintenance is a major aspect of property management and most commercial property managers will have a network of proven contractors that are value for money and dependable. This saves the owner or tenant money and ensures jobs are completed on time and to a high standard.

Property managers will be able to recognise any faults with a building, limiting risk and liability and ensuring tenants have the environment they need to focus on their business, free from the worry and stress of having to handle these tasks themselves.

As such, property management firms should be proactive in terms of planning and scheduling maintenance jobs but must also be able to react to unforeseen circumstances in the case of an emergency.

For landlords who live a considerable distance away from their building, a management company is crucial to ensuring a well-run property. The expertise and network of contacts can prove invaluable, especially for new landlords who may be seeking to increase their investment by means of a property portfolio. 

Full-service industrial property management firms may be involved in many other aspects, including the screening of prospective tenants, inspections of premises, collection of rent, lease signings, and even evictions if circumstances deem necessary. This ensures owners and tenants can focus on their core business activities safe in the knowledge their investment is being maintained. 

Why You Need Property Management?

Property management can be time-consuming and stressful. Undertaking the oversight of buildings and tenants requires a seemingly endless number of tasks and responsibilities, many of which can be awkward and uncomfortable. Typical examples include upholding contract terms and conditions, seeking unpaid rent, or even evicting tenants.

Besides ensuring maintenance tasks are completed and tenants are dealt with from the beginning of their tenure to the end, a property manager can help building owners to improve their cash flow, maintain and even increase the value of the premises, and ensure peace of mind.

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Marriott Hardcastle and Budworth Brown were established in the 1990s, operating side by side for some 15 years merging together in 2007 to become Budworth Hardcastle Ltd. We act with honesty and integrity, developing long term client relationships for repeat business and recommendation to others. Specialising in commercial property management, covering offices, retail, trade counter, industrial/warehouse and mixed commercial/residential properties, get in touch to find out how we can help you. 

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